About me

 About me

I would like to introduce myself to the member visiting my blog.

My name is Mayank Bhardwaj and I live in Haridwar Uttarakhand, I have been associated with the world of blogging since 2009. My plan to create a blog was to store my information online and also to make my information accessible to all the people present online so that My information can reach such people who are completely amateur in the computer world.

I have been completely successful in my plan, through this blog, many people have learned all the information that I have given on this blog, I get calls from many people as well as mail. Everyone has to say this Thanx sir, we got to learn a lot from your blog. ........ it is nice to hear such a thing from the mouth.

I get encouragement from such things of you people, now I have to go a long way, I have full hope that your support and cooperation will remain like this.

If you have any idea for my blog or me, then you can send me your thoughts at the address given below.

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