Kedarnath Dham Story With All Information

Hi Guys today my article is Kedarnath Dham All information .Kedarnath temple is an unsolved code. Many things are said about who built the Kedarnath temple. From Pandavas to Adi Shankaracharya. But we don't want to go there. Today's science suggests that the Kedarnath temple was probably built in the 8th century. Even if you say no, this temple has been in existence for at least 1200 years.

Kedarnath Dham Story With All Information
Kedarnath Dham Story With All Information

Even in the 21st century, the land of Kedarnath is not suitable for building crafts. Kedarnath hill is 22,000 feet high on one side, 21,600 feet high Karachkund on the other side and Bharatkund 22,700 feet high on the third side.

Kedarnath Dham Story With All Information 

The five rivers flowing through these three mountains are Mandakini, Madhuganga, Chiraganga, Saraswati and Swarandari. Some of these are written in this Purana. This area is the only plot of "Mandakini River". How deep must be the building craftsmanship. Building artwork in a place where there is a lot of snow on a cold day and water flows very fast during the rainy season.

Even today you cannot go by car to the place where "Kedarnath Temple" is today. Why was it made in such a place? How can a temple be built in such dire, unfavorable conditions for more than 1000 years if not 100-200 without it?

We all should think this at least once. Scientists speculate that if the temple had been on Earth in the 10th century, it would have been in a shorter period of the "Ice Age". Wadia Institute of Geology, Dehradun conducted trial of lignomatic dating on the rocks of Kedarnath temple. This is done to identify the "life of the stones".

Kedarnath Dham All Information 

Tests revealed that the temple was completely buried under snow from the 14th century to the middle of the 17th century. However, no damage was done in the construction of the temple. Everyone must have seen the devastating floods in Kedarnath in 2013. The rainfall during this period was 375% above average. In the ensuing flood "5748 people" (government figures) were killed and 4200 villages were damaged.

Indian Air Force airlifted more than 1 lakh 10 thousand people. Everything was taken away. But even in such a severe flood, the entire structure of Kedarnath temple was not affected at all. According to the Archaeological Society of India, 99 percent of the temples are completely safe in the audit of the entire structure of the temple even after the floods.

"IIT Madras" conducted an "NDT test" on the temple to study the damage caused to the construction during the 2013 floods and its present condition. He also said that the temple is completely safe and strong. If Temple doesn't pass a very "scientific and technical test" conducted by two different institutions, what do you best understand what this blog says?

Kedarnath Dham Full Information

1200 years later, today if you go there on the countryside, where everything you need is taken to that area, there is not a single structure standing there. This temple is standing there in mind and not only standing, it is very strong. The manner in which this temple has been built is believed to be behind it.

Location selected. Today science says that because of the stone and structure used in the construction of the temple, this temple survived this flood.

This temple is built in the direction of "North-South". Note that Kedarnath is designed to be "South-North" whereas almost all temples in India are "East-West". According to experts, if the temple was "east-west" it would have already been destroyed. Or at least it would have been destroyed in the floods of 2013. But because of this direction, the Kedarnath temple has survived.

Secondly, the stone used in this is very hard and durable. The special thing is that the stone used for the construction of this temple is not available there, so just imagine how that stone could have been taken there. At that time so many tools were not available to carry such a huge stone. The feature of this stone is that even after being under ice for 400 years, there is no difference in its "properties".

Therefore, the temple has retained its strength in the destructive cycle of nature. These strong stones brought from outside the temple are glued together in an "ashler" manner without any cement. Therefore the strength of the temple is impenetrable without any effect of temperature change on the stone joint.

In 2013, a large rock got stuck in the back of the temple through Vita Ghalai and the water's edge split and the water on both sides of the temple took everything with it. But the people who took refuge in the temple and in the temple remained safe. Which was airlifted by the Indian Air Force the next day.

The question is whether to believe in faith or not. But there is no doubt that the site for the construction of the temple, its direction, the same building materials and even the nature were carefully chosen which would retain its culture and strength for 1200 years. After the sinking of the Titanic, Westerners realized how "NDT testing" and "temperatures" could turn the disastrous tide. But we have the ideas of scientists from those western countries, but it was done 1200 years ago in our country. Isn't Kedarnath the same shining example?

Some months in the rain, some months in the snow, and some years in the snow too, a constant of wind and rain attack them, still covering the wool at 3969 feet above sea level. We are stunned to think of the sheer amount of science that has been used to build the 6 foot high platform. Today, after all the floods, we once again bow before the construction of those scientists of Kedarnath, who will get the honor of being the tallest of the 12 Jyotirlingas with the same grandeur.

This is an example of how advanced Vedic Hinduism and culture was. At that time our sages i.e. scientists had made a lot of progress in architecture, meteorology, space science, Ayurveda. A proud legacy of yours. It needs to be revived for the benefit of the world.

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